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New Calendar Modal

This video shows you how to add a new calendar modal

Appointments in Workflows

Creating Calendars with Multiple Team Members Availability

This video shows you how to create a calendar that multiple team members can be booked through, and set it up to only have slots open based on each team member's individual availability.

Creating and Editing Calendars

This is the overview of setting up your calendars and making any adjustments.

Rescheduling Appointments

How to Reschedule Appointments This video shows the different methods of finding and rescheduling an appointment. Remember, that if you have any triggers set to fire from a 'confirmed' appointment, these triggers will fire again when the appointment is rescheduled.

Integrating Google Calendar

This video shows how to integrate your calendars with a Google calendar. N.B. Once you have integrated a google calendar to one of your automation calendars, this integration cannot be changed. So please select your google calendar carefully when in the calendar settings!

Adding payments to appointments

This video shows how to create appointments that require a payment on booking.

Integrate with Outlook Calendar

This video will show you how to integrate with an outlook calendar. Please use the link below for the form mentioned within the video: