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Email Campaigns vs Templates

The difference between Email Campaigns and Templates and when to use them:

SMS Templates

This video will show you how to create and use SMS templates in conversations:

How to send attachments in the email builder

This video provides a workaround in adding pdf into your emails:

Business Coach Campaign Framework

Here is the Business Coach Framework

Download Data List and Trigger Campaign

This video will show you how you can download data and trigger campaigns CSV Upload Pre-requisites

Email Signatures

Learn how to create an email signature for an individual user, as well as how to insert them into email campaigns.

Adding signatures to forms

This video shows how to add a signature field to your forms. Any signatures will be saved to the contacts record as part of their form submission.

How to make Phone Calls - Dialling Out

This video shows the update to the ability to make phone calls directly from your web browser!

Out Of Office Emails and SMSs

This video shows how to set up an out of office email and sms response that can be used every after your business has closed, or when you are away for an extended period of time, such as over Christmas or while on holidays.

How to leave ringless voicemail

When to manually stop a campaign and how (includes task allocation)

How to manually remove someone from a campaign so they do not receive the rest of the emails or texts If a campaign has worked and your customer has booked in a call, or they no longer want to receive communications, this is a way of taking them out of a campaign. This video also touches on how to create a task to make sure you don't lose track of your lead once they are removed from your campaign.

Bulk Actions - Overview

This video shows you how to mass send contacts an email, an sms, or add them to a campaign. An example use would be sending a newsletter.

New Email Builder - Design Video

This video shows how to actually create your emails with the new email builder.

New Email Builder

This video shows how to use the new email builder. This is separate to the standard editor in the campaigns area. However, as you will see in the video, you can also use the emails created here in the New Email Builder in campaigns as well.

Campaigns - Overview

This video walks through how the Campaign Builder allows you to create and manage your automated communications. This includes examples such as sending follow up sequences or sending appointment reminders.

Bulk Requests - Overview

This video shows you what Bulk Requests are and how to use them. An example use would be sending a newsletter.

Form Builder

This video shows how to create and use forms to take people's information. The Custom form style shown in the video is: label{color:#000000!important; display: none;} .form-control {background: #fff; font-size: 20px; font-weight: normal; border: 1px solid #ccc; border-radius: 6px; height: 81px;} .form-builder--item {padding: 0px;} .btn {text-transform: uppercase; font-size:27px; font-weight: bold; height: 80px; box-shadow: rgb(14,141,199) 0px 3px 0px} .btn:hover {opacity: 0.9;}

Survey Builder

Here is how to use your Survey Builder

Trigger Links

Trigger links allow you to do things like send your contacts a link customised with their information or set "triggers" to fire when someone clicks a link. Here's how to create them and use them. To convert a calendar link to one that auto fills the contact details, append the link with this: If you're using the standard calendar (with no custom form) use this: &first_name={{contact.first_name}}&last_name={{contact.last_name}}&email={{}}&phone={{}} ...

How to use the email builders

Emails can be created directly in campaigns or using the email template builder. This video shows how to do both. Note that you can jump to 11:23 in the video to learn how to use the email template builder.

How to send broadcasts and newsletters

This video shows how to send one off email/sms broadcasts such as monthly newsletters: There are 3 Steps to the process: 1. Build the campaign you would like to send (for example an email and a single SMS) 2. Decided which contacts you would like to send it to. 3. Execute a 'Bulk Request' to deliver your campaign to your contacts. By setting that campaign to 'allow multiple' you can re-use the same campaign the following week simply by adjusting the email and other messages and running anot...

Call Function

This video explains how to use the CALL step in your campaign builder. This will trigger the system to dial your number (set in call forwarding area in phone settings) and let you connect directly to your contact via a phone conversation. Note that the call will incur call charges linked to your Twilio account.

Manual Actions

Manual actions allow you to "manually" SMS or CALL your contacts similar to a "Power Dialer". This way you can rapidly go through a set of manual follow up steps one after the other with no delay between calls. This video shows how to initiate manual actions in a campaign and then how to process these manual actions. The demonstration campaign used also shows how to include a voicemail drop in the campaign.

Creating Unsubscribe Email Links

This video shows how to create email unsubscribe links.